3-arm turn­stiles

Whe­ther activated individually or in series, or indoors or outdoors, three-arm turn­stiles are the most common type of access control and are highly ver­sa­tile. In the normal ope­ra­ting state, an elec­tric brake holds the turn­stile in the locked posi­tion. When released by a reader system or manu­ally, via the control panel for example, this brake is dis­en­gaged to allow access. A gentle pressure is sufficient to trigger the drive and release the turn­stile. All GU Group turn blo­ckers are available as three-arm turn­stiles, or two-arm turn­stiles for barrier-free access and addi­tional escape route solu­tions.


GU-MC2 / GU-MC3 three-arm turnstiles

GU-MC2 / GU-MC3 three-arm turnstiles If you are loo­king for controlled phy­sical access sys­tems with a rugged con­struc­tion, high pass-through rate and cost-effec­tive design, the motor-driven GU-MC2 / GU-MC3 two-arm / three-arm turn­stile is the perfect choice. With folded, hard-wea­ring and vandal-proof stai­nless steel hou­sing, this modestly priced 2-arm / 3-arm turn­stile is parti­cularly sui­table for heavily traffi­cked areas indoors. When equipped with the optional winter package, it can also with­stand incle­ment weather in exposed outdoor areas.

GU-MC2 DUO / GU-MC3 DUO two-arm/three-arm turnstiles

GU-MC2 DUO / GU-MC3 DUO two-arm/three-arm turnstiles The two-way turn­stile of the GU-MC2 DUO / GU-MC3 DUO turn blo­cker makes it parti­cularly sui­table for set­ting up mul­tiple lane arrange­ments, especi­ally in heavily traffi­cked areas.

GU-MT2 / GU-MT3 two-arm / three-arm turnstiles

GU-MT2 / GU-MT3 two-arm / three-arm turnstiles The GU-MT2 / GU-MT3 two-arm / three-arm turn­stile with hard-wea­ring attrac­tive stai­nless steel hou­sing is ideal for set­ting up access areas on the inside of the building where aes­thetics are of pri­mary con­cern.

GU-CM2 / GU-CM3 two-arm / three-arm turnstiles

GU-CM2 / GU-CM3 two-arm / three-arm turnstiles The space-saving motor-driven GU-CM2 / GU-CM3 two-arm / three-arm turn­stile with weather­proof powder-coated hou­sing and inte­g­rated height-adju­stable suppor­ting foot is especi­ally effec­tive when used outdoors. An optional stai­nless steel ver­sion with fixed height is also available for indoor use.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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