Swing gates

3-arm turn­stiles and turn­stiles rep­re­sent a hindrance to par­ents with prams, wheelchair bound per­sons and travellers with lug­gage. The controlled phy­sical access system is easy to pass through in both direc­tions when combined with GU Group moto­rised swing gates. They have an elegant visual appearance and are made of rust­proof mate­rials which makes them not just sui­table for office buildings, but also lei­sure facili­ties or airports.


Swing gate GU-IT 1000

Swing gate GU-IT 1000 The sophisticated combi­na­tion of glass and stai­nless steel is parti­cularly effec­tive when used with the GU-IT 1000 swing gate. The GU-IT 1000 has bene­fits both for users, due to its light-run­ning quiet ope­ra­tion, and building ope­ra­tors, due to the low-mai­n­tenance mecha­nical system.

GU-IH 1000 swing gate

GU-IH 1000 swing gate The perfect comple­ment for barrier-free access in controlled phy­sical access sys­tems: the GU-IH 1000. It is rust­proof, hard-wea­ring and durable which makes it emi­nently sui­table for high pass-through rates. The swing gate can inte­g­rate seam­lessly into a given architectural con­text due to the drive inte­g­rated into the barrier ele­ment and low-key stai­nless steel optics.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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