With their high-quality trans­pa­rent design and quiet ope­ra­tion, turn­stiles are the perfect comple­ment to pres­tigious areas of buildings. Their per­formance also lives up to their appearance owing to the intel­ligent func­tional principle: in the normal ope­ra­ting status an elec­tric brake holds the turn­stile in the locked posi­tion. When released by a reader system, or by the optional manual release func­tion, this brake is dis­en­gaged and the turn­stile released. When a gentle pressure is applied, the drive starts the rota­ting move­ment.


GU-GT 1000 vertical turnstile

GU-GT 1000 vertical turnstile The GU-GT 1000 moto­rised half-height vertical turn­stile has a parti­cularly lightweight appearance due to the combi­na­tion of glass and stai­nless steel and is perfect for architectural design that reflects high expecta­tions. The 120° indexing and light-run­ning ope­ra­tion combine a high degree of comfort with effec­tive phy­sical sepa­ra­tion.

GU-VA 1100 vertical turnstile

GU-VA 1100 vertical turnstile Ideal for barriers at heavily traffi­cked entrances. The moto­rised half-height GU-VA 1100 vertical turn­stile is manu­factured ent­irely from rust­proof mate­rials. Thanks to its rugged design with 90° indexing it ensures reliable and effec­tive controlled phy­sical access.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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