Sector-specific solu­tions

Each sector has its own pro­cesses and require­ments. GEMOS­ offers you cust­omised solu­tions for penal insti­tu­tions, data­cen­tres, multi-pur­pose arenas and logistics compa­nies.

For penal insti­tu­tions

The GEMOS­ JVA solu­tion is speci­ally tailored to the needs of prison regimes. The system focuses on inmate informa­tion, door and outside premises moni­to­ring, and com­mu­nica­tion.

For data­cen­tres

GEMOS­ Data­cen­ter­Control was speci­ally deve­loped for the require­ments of modern and secure data­cen­tres. Phy­sical safety, hard­ware pre­sence and tempe­rature are controlled and managed cen­trally.

For sports facili­ties

For stadiums and multi-pur­pose arenas you choose the GEMOS­ module 'Are­naControl'. With its highly available IT and telecom­mu­nica­tion structure, the system controls the secu­rity and media tech­no­logy equip­ment of a venue.

For logistics compa­nies

If you have a logistics busi­ness you will be interested in GEMOS­ LogisticsControl as special solu­tion for your sector. This module manages all pro­cesses from recep­tion and entry through to exit and checkout.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019

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