Building automa­tion –
smart and safe

Smart Home-compa­tible with no addi­tional expenditure

Increased use of the Internet with mobile terminal devices means that intel­ligent and con­ve­nient control of cen­tral building func­tions is becoming more important than ever. Combined with the control options of building automa­tion, the func­tions of motor-driven drives offer unpar­alleled con­ve­ni­ence in every situa­tion.

GU Group pro­vides the entire range of func­tions: from the lock to the drive.

Over­view of Smart Home-compa­tible GU pro­ducts:

GU-SECURY Automatic multi-point lock
with A-opener servo

GU-SECURY Automatic multi-point lock<br />with A-opener servo Servo-assisted motor-driven unlo­cking means that the automatic latchbolts are retracted upon a slight turn of the key or tap on the lever handle. All locking ele­ments are automati­cally locked once the door is closed.

Striker with RSK monitoring contact

Striker with RSK monitoring contact If GU-SECURY multi-point locks are used within facility manage­ment sys­tems, the locking status of the door can be que­ried using strikers with a pre­in­stalled moni­to­ring con­tact and forwarded to the eva­lua­tion unit of the moni­to­ring system. The RSK moni­to­ring con­tact is cer­ti­fied according to VdS grade C.


SECUREconnect 50 and SECUREconnect 200 The compact SECUREconnect solu­tion does not limit the door ope­ning and offers the pos­si­bility to connect the GU Controller io. The SECUREconnect 200 ver­sion allows for door control via finger­print scanner or code keypad inte­g­rated in the door leaf.

Fingerprint scanner / code keypad

Fingerprint scanner / code keypad Bio­me­tric finger­print reco­gni­tion or an individual code ensure con­ve­nient access with no keys whats­oever. Sim­p­li­city of use, con­figu­ra­tion and commis­sio­ning means the system is easily ope­rated by anyone.

Drives for Lift&Slide elements

Drives for Lift&Slide elements The motor-driven Lift&Slide drives can be used wit­hout addi­tional safety devices. They are equipped with an intel­ligent control system that detects obst­a­cles and includes an anti-trapping func­tion. An anti-lockout device prevents anyone from being locked out of the building.

Chain drives

Chain drives Reliable ope­ning and clo­sing of Tilt-Only, Top-Hung and Turn-Only win­dows and sky­lights in the event of fire and when ven­ti­la­ting on a daily basis: ELTRAL chain drives can be simply adapted to the pro­file geo­metry and combined with locking drives. This means that even large and heavy window ele­ments can be moved easily.

Moni­to­ring and control

  • The locking moni­to­ring and repor­ting func­tions keep the user informed at all times that win­dows and doors are securely locked
  • House entrance doors, Lift&Slide doors and win­dows can not only be moni­tored using motor-driven control, they can also be controlled remotely
  • Secure access via PC, laptop, tablet PC or Smartphone – also when on the move, but also locally via handheld radio trans­mitter – is pos­sible to allow strai­ghtforward and intui­tive ope­ra­tion of the building services

Suitable for barrier-free construction in compliance with DIN 18040