Window tech­no­logy

At GU you get eve­r­yt­hing you need to move or secure win­dows and balcony-doors. For any window ope­ning method, regard­less of the frame mate­rial. You will also find all relevant access­o­ries and, as a matter of course, our tried and trusted services.

Hard­ware for the facade

New residen­tial high-rise buildings are being built in the world's metro­polises. They include glass facades with nume­rous func­tions and the most exac­ting require­ments in terms of design. Gretsch­-Unitas pro­vides individual facade solu­tions which make these enve­lopes of airy living pos­sible.

Tilt&Turn hard­ware

As one of the inter­na­tional market leaders in window and door tech­no­logy, the Gretsch­-Unitas Group is the com­pe­tent partner for Tilt&Turn hard­ware. The Tilt&Turn hard­ware range con­tains one-stop solu­tions that can be used in any situa­tion and are also aes­theti­cally appealing.

Tilt&Slide hard­ware

Due to a cut­ting-edge bogie design and a newly shaped cam seg­ment, our Tilt&Slide hard­ware gua­ran­tees func­tional accu­racy and run­ning smooth­ness even with very high sash weights.

Par­allel-Slide hard­ware

The mecha­nics itself ensures the appro­priate ope­ra­tion and safe use of the door. With this hard­ware system, mishandling is impos­sible.

Fold&Slide hard­ware

GU Fold&Slide hard­ware is available for all cust­omary timber, PVC and aluminium pro­files, and also for timber-aluminium compound ele­ments. For each sash con­figu­ra­tion pattern you have the possbility to connect up to seven sashes and open them with one hand. Barrier-free connec­tions to the floor complete the pro­duct range.

Lift&Slide hard­ware

GU Lift&Slide hard­ware is equally suited for timber, PVC and aluminium win­dows and balcony-doors. We also offer an excep­tional night ven­ti­la­tion solu­tion, matching thres­holds and an optional sash speed limiter.

Horizontal Pivot hard­ware

GU offers the ideal hard­ware for Horizontal Pivot win­dows: five different screw-type or mill-type pivots and frame mate­rial related cen­tral locking sys­tems cover all cust­omary app­li­ca­tions – special window formats are no pro­blem at all.

Vertical Pivot hard­ware

We have eve­r­yt­hing you need to move this special type of window: two pivot vari­ants, each with reliable and adju­stable sash brake, and cen­tral locking sys­tems perfectly adapted to the frame mate­rial. The ope­ra­ting handle of a Vertical Pivot window or door is posi­tioned on the side or at the bottom.

Turn handles

The result is a clear and con­sis­tent design throug­hout the house – from window handles and turn handles on balcony-door ele­ments through to handle sets on narrow stile, timber, or steel doors. The handle models are sui­table for use in any type of building.

Fan­light ope­ning sys­tems

Fan­light ope­ning sys­tems from GU enable you to actuate inacces­sible timber, PVC, aluminium or steel fan­lights. This is parti­cularly cost-effec­tive as you can control several sashes with one drive.

RWA / NSHEV and eve­r­yday ven­ti­la­tion sys­tems

GU smoke and heat exhaust ven­ti­la­tion sys­tems offer individual solu­tions for reliable and fast smoke extrac­tion in the event of a fire. Eve­r­yday ven­ti­la­tion is pro­vided by elec­tric motor-driven ope­ning sys­tems.

Manual ven­ti­la­tion sys­tems

A healthy room cli­mate is the basis for indoor air hygiene and well-being. Window ven­ti­la­tors from the GU group help you to prevent the forma­tion of moisture and mould. They can be cust­omised to fit the local cir­cum­stances.


When it comes to balcony-doors and large sliding ele­ments, thermally broken thres­holds are a real hea­ting energy saver; the CE-cer­ti­fied thres­holds are sui­table for almost any pro­file system, be it in the con­text of new con­struc­tion or renova­tion.

Con­struc­tion access­o­ries

From fas­te­ning and gla­zing tech­no­logy items through to aluminium window sills and drip rails: here you will find high-quality pro­ducts for the installa­tion of window hard­ware and for the fabrica­tion and installa­tion of win­dows.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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