Stai­nless steel turn handles

The fol­lowing design models are available:


Handle design FORTE The FORTE design model is the classic among our turn handles. Created by the architect Robert Mallet Stevens (1886 - 1945), this handle is known as 'Frankfurt Design Model'. Its cha­racte­ristic features are timeless stylish­ness and a clear use of forms.


Handle design ANDANTE Ano­ther classic within the range of stai­nless steel handles is the ANDANTE model. The inter­na­tional design and the round out­line account for its unob­trusive modern­ness. For decades, this model has had its place in the sophisticated handle range.


Handle design OFFICE The OFFICE handle has been desi­gned to meet the highest demands with regard to style and quality. Its unusual shape sig­nals individuality and affinity for design.

App­li­ca­tion range:

Timber, PVC, or aluminium win­dows and balcony-doors

Technical data

Stai­nless steel turn handles
Compa­tible with handles for narrow stile doors
Compa­tible with handles for timber and steel doors
Stai­nless steel matt
Rosette lugs10 mm
Square spindle 7 mm30 mm pro­tru­sion
Rosetteclip-on type
Dimen­sions (W x H)

56x125 mm
60x141 mm
65x140 mm

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Designation File size Download
Architectural hardware for timber windows and balcony-doors 112,1 MB Download
Builder's hardware for aluminium windows and patio doors 93,3 MB Download
The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range single pages (with navigation) 34,2 MB Download
The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range 33,8 MB Download
Designation File size Download
WP00429-00-1-2 Ganzglasfestfeld – Panoramaverglasung für Hebeschiebeelemente 10-19 DEU 430,9 KB Download
Designation File size Download
HS ePOWER – the Lift&Slide door 584,7 KB Download
Product programme 6,3 MB Download