Automatic entrance sys­tems

Welcome to our compre­hensive range of automatic doors and all-glass sliding walls sui­table for almost any field of app­li­ca­tion. Whi­chever system you choose, we support you with our well-known all-round service ranging from pro­ject-specific drawings, installa­tion and commis­sio­ning through to an exten­sive after-sales network.

Sliding doors

Apart from our stan­dard types of automatic sliding doors, we also offer vari­ants for high panel weights of up to 200 kg, tele­scopic vari­ants, and curved or angled sliding doors. All of them open and close reli­ably and fast.

Swing-door drives

If you want a normal swing door to be automatic, this is the right place to seek the solu­tion. Our swing door drives automati­cally move exte­rior, inte­rior, smoke, and fire doors. Barrier-free access can be pro­vided anywhere.

Revolving doors

Your wish is our com­mand: according to your individual preferences, we fabricate for you a manual or automatic revolving door desi­gned with slim aluminium pro­files, or an all-glass variant if it is for a pres­tigious entrance, or a large-capacity revolving door for highly frequented buildings.

Controlled phy­sical access

Whe­ther it be controlling access to a company building or controlling a large volume of people in ordered lanes: GU Automatic offers a sui­table visually appealing solu­tion for any require­ment.

All-glass sliding walls

Our all-glass sliding walls offer you par­ti­tioned yet translu­cent rooms. Coming as manu­ally ope­rated or motor-driven assemblies, they offer you all sorts of pos­si­bili­ties.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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