Special hard­ware for the facade

Skilled in the deve­lop­ment of innova­tive ope­ning mecha­nisms and specialised in every method of facade ope­ning, Gretsch­-Unitas has been a com­pe­tent partner in facade con­struc­tion for many years. GU experts take pro­ject-related special parts deve­loped exclusively for individual pro­jects as innova­tive enginee­ring work and combine them with ele­ments from the tried-and-tested GU range. With hard­ware for Pro­je­c­ting Top-Hung, Par­allel-Pro­je­c­ting, Horizontal-Pivot or Turn-Only win­dows, as well as special designs based on individual cust­omer speci­fica­tions, it is pos­sible to satisfy demands for new methods of ope­ning and window shapes with unique aes­thetic quali­ties. The range of services extends from technical plan­ning and design through to pro­duc­tion of the special parts and handling of pro­jects toge­ther with cust­o­mers all over the world.

Par­allel-Pro­je­c­ting hard­ware

The special solu­tion for sashes which weigh up to 400 kg. that open up to 250 mm and the sashes are up to 5,000 mm. Par­allel-Pro­je­c­ting win­dows can be created with a compre­hensive range of GU stays for all frame mate­rials, such as wood, PVC and aluminium.

Hard­ware for Turn-Only win­dows

Today's facades, with their floor-to-ceiling win­dows, pre­sent a challenge for stan­dard hard­ware. In order to meet these enhanced require­ments, Gretsch­-Unitas deve­lops special Turn-Only hinges, either in stai­nless steel or in a concealed ver­sion, which carry sash weights up to 350 kg.

Pro­je­c­ting Top-Hung hard­ware

This hard­ware range offers a number of different Pro­je­c­ting Top-Hung stays with an ope­ning angle from 20° to 50°. Sashes can be made up to a height of 2,500 mm. Pro­je­c­ting Top-Hung win­dows can be made with GU stays for all frame mate­rials, such as timber, PVC and aluminium.

Special designs tailored to individual require­ments

Our specia­lists have deve­loped innova­tive ope­ning mecha­nisms to meet individual cust­omer require­ments regarding ven­ti­la­tion ele­ments in building enve­lopes. We draw on our many years of expe­ri­ence and crea­tive ideas to pro­duce solu­tions tailored to each pro­ject.

Motor-driven box-type window

Gretsch­-Unitas is intro­ducing, in collabo­ra­tion with Veka, a forward-loo­king hard­ware/pro­file combi­na­tion – an innova­tive further deve­lop­ment of the box-type window:

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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WP00429-00-1-2 Ganzglasfestfeld – Panoramaverglasung für Hebeschiebeelemente 10-19 DEU 430,9 KB Download
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HS ePOWER – the Lift&Slide door 584,7 KB Download
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Project solutions for the facade 2,6 MB Download
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The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range single pages (with navigation) 34,2 MB Download
The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range 33,8 MB Download